PrintJob.Copies Property

Gets the number of copies of this print job to be printed

[Visual Basic]
Public ReadOnly Property Copies As Integer
public int Copies {get;}
public: __property int get_Copies();
public function get Copies() : int;

Property Value

Gets the number of copies of this print job to print. If multiple copies are printed then the true total page count may be found by multiplying the Copies by the TotalPages



[Visual Basic] The following example prints the details of a job to a trace when a job is added to the queue being monitored

[Visual Basic] 
Private mPr As PrinterMonitorComponent

Public Sub StartWatching(ByVal PrinterDeviceName As String)

   mPr = New PrinterMonitorComponent()

   '\\ For efficieny reasons, do not monitor printer information changed events
   mPr.MonitorPrinterChangeEvent = False

   AddHandler mPr.JobAdded, AddressOf Addedtest

   mPr.ThreadTimeout = -1
   mPr.DeviceName = PrinterDeviceName 
End Sub

Public Sub Addedtest(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs)

   With CType(e, PrintJobEventArgs).PrintJob
	Trace.WriteLine("Job deleted : - Details...")
        Trace.WriteLine("** Colour: " & .Color.ToString)
        Trace.WriteLine("** Copies: " & .Copies.ToString)
        Trace.WriteLine("** Data Type: " & .DataType)
        Trace.WriteLine("** Document: " & .Document)
        Trace.WriteLine("** Printer Driver: " & .DriverName)
        Trace.WriteLine("** Landscape?: " & .Landscape.ToString)
        Trace.WriteLine("** Machine: " & .MachineName)
        Trace.WriteLine("** User to notify: " & .NotifyUserName)
        Trace.WriteLine("** Pages Printed: " & .PagesPrinted.ToString)
        Trace.WriteLine("** Paper Source: " & .PaperSource.ToString)
        Trace.WriteLine("** Position in the queue: " & .Position.ToString)
        Trace.WriteLine("** Printer Name: " & .PrinterName)
        Trace.WriteLine("** Printer Resolution: " & .PrinterResolutionKind.ToString)
        Trace.WriteLine("** Print Processor Name: " & .PrintProcessorName)
        Trace.WriteLine("** Parameters: " & .Parameters)
        Trace.WriteLine("** Print Processor: " & .PrintProcessorName)
        Trace.WriteLine("** Status: " & .StatusDescription)
        Trace.WriteLine("** Total pages: " & .TotalPages.ToString)
        Trace.WriteLine("** User name: " & .Username)
        Trace.WriteLine("** Paper Kind: " & .PaperKind.ToString)
        Trace.WriteLine("** Paper Length: " & .PaperLength.ToString)
        Trace.WriteLine("** Paper Width: " & .PaperWidth.ToString)
        Trace.WriteLine("** Status: Paused? " & .Paused.ToString)
        Trace.WriteLine("** Status: Deleted? " & .Deleted.ToString)
        Trace.WriteLine("** Status: Deleting? " & .Deleting.ToString)
        Trace.WriteLine("** Status: User intervention required? " & .UserInterventionRequired.ToString)
   End With

End Sub


Namespace: PrinterQueueWatch

Platforms:  Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP Home Edition, Windows XP Professional, Windows .NET Server family

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