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Public Constructors

public constructorPrinterInformation Constructor Initializes a new instance of the PrinterInformation class.

Public Properties

public propertyServerName Gets the name of the server on which this printer is based
public propertyPrinterName Gets the unique name of the printer
public propertyShareName Gets the name that the printer is shared as (if any)
public propertyPortName Gets the name of the port that this printer is on
public propertyDriverName Gets the name of the printer driver for this printer
public propertyComment Gets the administrator set comment for this printer
public propertyLocation Gets the administrator specified location of this printer
public propertySeperatorFilename Gets the filename used to print job seperator pages (if any) on this printer
public propertyPrintProcessor Gets a name of the print processor that is associated with this printer
public propertyDefaultDataType Gets the default data type used to process jobs on this printer
public propertyParameters Gets additional parameters (if any) for this printer
public propertyIsDefault True if this is the default printer for the logged in user/machine
public propertyIsShared True if this is a shared printer
public propertyIsNetworkPrinter True if this is a network printer
public propertyIsLocalPrinter True if this is a local printer
public propertyPriority Gets a standard priority assigned to jobs added to this print queue
public propertyIsReady True if the printer is ready to print
public propertyIsDoorOpen True if the printer door is open
public propertyIsInError True if the printer is in error
public propertyIsInitialising True if the printer is initialising
public propertyIsAwaitingManualFeed True if the printer is paused awaiting a manual paper feed
public propertyIsOutOfToner True if the printer is out of toner
public propertyIsUnavailable True if the printer is unnavailable
public propertyIsOffline True if the printer is offline
public propertyIsOutOfMemory True if the printer memory is full
public propertyIsOutputBinFull True if the printer output bin is full
public propertyIsPaperJammed True if the printer has a paper jam
public propertyIsOutOfPaper True if the printer is out of paper
public property Paused True if the printer is paused
public propertyIsDeletingJob True if the printer is deleting a print job
public propertyIsInPowerSave True if the printer is in power save mode
public propertyIsPrinting True if the printer is printing a job
public propertyIsWaitingOnUserIntervention True if the printer is waiting for user intervention
public propertyIsWarmingUp True if the printer is warming up
public propertyJobCount Gets the number of jobs queued to be printed by this printer
public propertyAveragePagesPerMonth Gets the average throughput of this printer, in pages per month

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