The <printJobEventListeners> section

Altering the .config file will affect the operation of the application and should only be undertaken by an administrator

This specifies which applications (known as listeners) are notified whenever a print job event occurs. This could be a when a job is added, changed, written or deleted from one of the print

The format of the section is:
<printJobEventListener key="printJobEventFileListener" classType="PrinterMonitorService.PrintJobMonitorLogfileListener" commandLine="d:\Temp\PrintJobEvents.log" />

Each listener is identified by a unique key.

The classType property identifies the application that implements the listener.

The commandLine property is the start-up settings passed to the lsitener

In the above example a listener called printJobEventFileListener is created by the application assembly PrinterMonitorService.PrintJobMonitorLogfileListener and is passed command line parameter d:\Temp\PrintJobEvents.log to specify where it should store the information it is passed

For more information about writing customised listeners please see the developer documentation