PUMA Management console

The PUMA management console allows you to administer the printer usage monitoring database and to control which printers and servers are monitored

PUMA manager console

Servers list

The left hand pane lists all the servers registered on the printer usage monitor application. When you select a server the printers registered to be monitored are shown in the top pane

You can add a new server to the list by right-clicking on the servers list and selecting Add in the resulting context menu

Printers list

The top pane lists the printers registered to be monitored on the selected server. You can add printers to monitor by right-clicking the printers list and selecting Add from the resulting context menu. A dialog window will appear with a list of all the printers connected to that server and you check the box next to the one(s) you want to add

There is also a context menu item Properties that brings up a dialog window with the properties of the selected printer

Printer properties

Automatic document categorisation

The PUMA application allows you to create document categories which will automatically be applied to the documents that are printed. To do this select the menu Tools -> Document Categorisation and a dialog window will appear with the existing document categories.

Document Categories

You can add, modify or delete the existing categorisations using the right-click context menu on the categories list. Selecting Modify brings up the document category dialog window:

Modify document category